24 August 2006

Before the Nyquil sets in

Well, I caught Jared's (and Wendy's and Sharon's) cold. I just popped a couple Nyquil for to sleep better, but I had a couple things I wanted to blog about before I'm out.

I got my iPod yesterday. It rocks (literally)! I've already downloaded an episode of "The Office," downloaded a video Jared posted on Google Video, and subscribed to a few video podcasts. I'm listening to Audi Tracks now. It's very cool. A lot better than that stupid 4G I had before. Psh!

Today, at work, I got a copy of a letter about me sent to the chief. Don't worry. It's good! Remember that foreign exchange student I helped the other night? Well, in the letter, the director of the Center for International Education praised my actions as going above and beyond, etc. I wasn't expecting a letter or anything, but it's nice to be recognized. Also, I know that if I were just dropped off in a foreign country (a very real possibility in the near future!), I'd want someone to help me.

Also, today, I worked for parking services out of the goodness of my heart because they paid me. Today was the first move-in day for students. It wasn't too hectic, but it got me thinking: next week, I'll start my last semester at UNC! I won't graduate in December, but I won't be taking classes next Spring either. I'll be student teaching in Germany! (Not to worry, naysayers, I have a back up plan, just in case Germany should fall through. And it doesn't involve staying in Greeley.) I'm glad classes are starting again. I'm excited to get through this semester. Not to worry, though. I'm sure I'll find plenty to bitch and blog about throughout the semester.

So, just some random thoughts. I am getting a bit sleepy now, so I'm to bed. Good night, O loyal TobyFans!

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Jared said...

Well, if you truly caught my cold, you'll want to go to the store as soon as possible and stock up on all things pseudophedrine - DayQuil, NyQuil, and Advil Cold and Sinus, to name a few. I'm still feeling the effects of this cold, and it's been a week.

Also, don't forget to hunt down Bartelheim! (and maybe even make him pay?)