14 August 2006

Interesting Night

Tonight, at work, my officer happened upon a foreign exchange student from China who got to UNC, but because of some kind of mix-up/miscommunication, was left without a place to stay or anything to eat. I made a few calls and was able to get him set up in one of the dorms. After I got off, I took him to King Soopers so he could get something to eat. To thank me, he gave me a box of real Chinese green tea. I look forward to drinking it!

Then, on my way home, I decided to stop by Silver Mine for a quick dinner (I hadn't eaten anything since lunch). On my way out, I saw two guys, one of whom had a baseball bat, getting into a car. Odd, I thought, it's a bit late to be playing baseball. So, I called the plate into work and it came back clear, so my coworker transferred me to Greeley PD. Turns out the car and I were headed in the same direction (Thank God he didn't go all the way to my apartment complex!), so I was able to give GPD directions all the way to where he turned off. I don't know what happened after we "parted ways."

Greeley's a boring town, but tonight, something different happened. That's always nice.

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Rachel said...

Real Chinese green tea!! You'll have to keep us informed on how it stacks up to the American variety.