20 August 2006


So, the other night, I was rocking out to Cosigner on my iPod, when it randomly decided to stop playing music. Done. Finished. It gave me a sad iPod face (literally) and wouldn't work. I tried resetting it. Nothing. I tried restoring it. Nada (surf). So, I decided that since the warranty was up, and it was a free iPod, I should just get a new one, so I did. I ordered the (relatively) new 30gb iPod (with video). I should get it sometime this week or next. I'm pretty stoked.

As I was typing the previous paragraph, Jared did a little research and found out that it would cost $272.73 to fix.

As I was typing that last sentence, Jared fixed my old iPod! He found information that if you drop the iPod, it fixes it. I'll be damned. Now, Judy (my coworker), who has been lusting for my iPod ever since I got it, has a new iPod.

Update: Jared posted on this too.

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Rachel said...

When are you going to get a new computer, so that I can have yours and stop lusting after it ;-)?