26 March 2006

Living vicariously through inanimate objects

After a year and half of thinking that he was gone, Carl the Dog has come back to life! For those of you who don't know, Carl is my travel bug on Geocaching.com. In case you're not familiar with Geocaching or travel bugs, here's the FAQ. It seems that someone placed Carl in a cache, then accidentally logged him into a different one. He was stuck there since 5. September 2004! And, no one had visited that cache he was in until yesterday. I'm glad he's alright!

This picture is of Carl "wearing" a flight helmet after flying with a medivac pilot for a few days: "Carl got to ride in both aircraft and even made two very ill children smile as well as comforted a 7 year old boy who had severe burns to his legs and right arm. Carl was quite the hit on several trips." Good stuff.

Since Carl is back, he can now continue to work on his goal of traveling to all 50 states. Gute Reise, Carl!

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Rachel said...

Hooray for Carl! The medivac dog! I'm glad he can continue on his mission...