27 March 2006

Business Alert

In case you're in Greeley, and need to get your car serviced, DO NOT go to Advanced Auto Pros on 8th Ave. According to them, it was an ongoing problem, and I wasn't hearing the grinding because my bearing assembly was loose. Once they tightened it, it started grinding. This might be true. But what I KNOW is that it wasn't grinding when I took it in, and when I drove it away, it was. To be fair, they are knocking $25 off the repair, but after handing over $1000 (this new repair included) to fix my POS car, $25 really doesn't appease me (Though part of Czechoslovakia might. How about it, Neville?). Once I have my keys in hand, I am going to tell them EXACTLY how I feel about their business practices. So, once again, for reference. They're Advanced Auto Pros, located at 2527 8th Ave, Greeley, CO. Now that you know who they are, forget the address and don't go.

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