25 March 2006

It's really hard for me to hear the sound of engine with all that yakkin'!

In light of my recent car problems, and because I really wanted to do it, I test drove a Volkswagen GTI Mark V (the star of the "Fast" and the "Unpimp My Auto" commercials). Jared, Tanis and I were getting stuff done around town and decided to swing by the VW dealership. Pretending to be interested in actually buying the car, I asked the salesman if I could test-drive the GTI. He came back out with the keys, and to my pleasant surprise, did not get in the car. He let me take it out on my own! Jared and Tanis hopped in and we took off.

One word: Wow.

I have never enjoyed driving a car that much. We took her onto the highway, and unfortunately, I was unable to open up, because of the Saturday afternoon traffic. I hopped onto a wonderfully curvy side road to test out the car's cornering. She dug in to the corners like no other. Sheer beauty. Then when I got back onto the highway going back to the dealership, I had a wide-open lane. I pushed down on the throttle and wow. I got her up to 110mph before I had to slow. What a ride! After I stopped her, my heart was beating a million and a half miles per hour. It was quite the exhilerating ride.

I'm going to have to get down to other dealerships to test drive their GTIs now. I'm in love and my Fast, while satisfied for the moment, will definitely want more of that car!

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Rachel said...

Toby you may have to get a fast of your own someday.