14 February 2006


Most singles bitch about how Valentine's Day sucks and it's a corporate holiday and what not. It doesn't suck. It's just made for couples. Some call it Single's Awareness Day. I suppose that's right. I'm more aware that I'm single today. Others say things like "Well, aren't you supposed to show your love everyday?" Well, yes. But Valentine's Day is an excuse to splurge a little bit, to show everyone how much you care for your loved one.

I've had people come up to me all day today, telling me these things. Are they trying to cheer me up? Don't need it, but thanks. Are they looking for a kindred spirit to share their hatred of this holiday with? Looking in the the wrong place. I'm single by choice. Sure, it gets old with everybody being all lovey-dovey, but I was the same way when I had a girlfriend. And I will be the same way when I have another one.

So, singles, stop bitching about Valentines. You'll get your shot.

And couples, Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy yourselves!

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