12 February 2006

Weekend with friends. Also, Louie.

This weekend was what I needed. And apparently, so did everybody else! The stress of life was wearing on everyone, so it was great to be able to forget about things for a little bit and just laugh!
Jared, Tanis, Rachel, Paula, J and I went bowling yesterday afternoon. You'd think that because we had the bumpers up, we all would have done much better, but we did not. But I did manage to pull a spare by facing away from the pins and throwing the ball through my legs. Also, it was J's first time bowling, and he loved it, at least until he saw the flashing lights of DDR.
Then, we went back to my place and enjoyed some dinner. Rachel made stroganoff sandwiches. Mmm boy.

<-- J watching Shrek 2, one of his favorite movies. Isn't that a kick-ass beanbag chair? I think so.

Rachel, Paula and Jared destressing. Nice to be able to relax some!
<-- Tanis and J watching Shrek 2. He's seen this movie a millions times, and it seems like he's still watching it for the first! This kid is riveted!
John's first encounter with a puppet - Louie the Lizard! He was very confused at first. It looks like a stuffed animal...but its moving!
J and Paula playing with Louie. Even after he decided Louis wasn't dangerous, he was still wary and would only pick him up with his fingertips!
Rachel randomly decided it would be fun to tickle me. Thankfully, Louie came to my rescue and bit her!

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Rachel said...

It was not random, J tickled you first, I was just assisting him. So there. J is also throwin his mac down on Tanis, kids only 2 years old and he's already made it to first base lol.