18 February 2006

Cold Weather and Stupid People

I'm all for driving carefully when there is snow on the roads. But it seems that some people confuse caution with stupidity. I think that for a lot of people, stupidity increases exponentially as the temperature drops. So, here are a few tips to stupid people who feel the need to get behind the wheel when it's snowing:

  • Your turn signal still works in the cold weather. Use it.

  • Driving slowly does not necessarily make you safer. There is such thing as "too slow for conditions!"

  • The lines on the road are still there. Snow does not give you permission to drive in the middle of the road.

  • I know the snow is pretty. But please, pay attention to the road!

  • If the roads are clear, but there is snow on the sides of the roads, you can drive the speed limit. The snow is NOT going to jump into the middle of the road.

Seems like common sense to me, but that seems to be sorely lacking in the world today!
Got any other tips to add to this list? Let me know!

Edited multiple times for stupid grammar mistakes. I need to be more careful, especially on posts like this! Thanks, Jared, for pointing those out!


Jared said...

Yes, the roads are slick. However, when we're travelling 20 miles an hour, there is no reason to begin breaking for a stoplight a block and a half away.

Jared said...

Yes, you should clean off your windows. No, not just part of the front window, the whole thing. That's right.. you should be able to see the outside world from inside your car. And you know what? Do your hood too, so you don't get scared and hit me when the snow flies off the hood onto your windshield.

Jared said...

Also, you're welcome, Toby.

Rachel said...

Okay so that's REALLY funny. And oh so pathetically true. Take the advice people!