07 September 2005

Globalism...or so it's called...

Well, I'm sitting in the classroom just before my globalism class. It really shouldn't be called globalism, as the first half of the class is generally occupied by the professor (actually a graduate assistant) asking the class what's going on in the world in order to kill time while he tries to figure out how to work the projector. This is torture... The class consists mainly of Political Science majors who insist upon politicizing everything, including - I'm not kidding about this - the weather. Now I understand why people hate politicians so much. The class consists of a bunch of self-righeous, granola-eating, smart-alec, ignorant freshmen and sophomores who think that because they disagree with Bush, he must hate mankind. Then there's the little ultra-conservative group of students in the back who insist the democrats want to put Bin Laden in office. It really is sickening to sit through. But, I need this class in order to get through the teaching program, so I'll just grin and bear it. Well, not really grinning, but I'll bear it. Thank god for my iPod. I can, at the very least, drown out the pre-class granola-chatter with some good music.

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