31 August 2005

And the drama finally seems to be getting less dramatic

So, I'm getting things figured out with school...finally....I hope. I managed to get back into Clinefelter's class, which is awesome. I was bummed that I wasn't going to be taking it, but now I do. Woot woot. And, as far as I can tell, my timetable for Germany is still in tact. I wouldn't be surprised if the stupid UNC finds another way to try to block me again, but I'll barrel my way through that roadblock too, just as I did this one. StupidUNC. Other than that, classes so far are going well. My History 480 class is going to be very challenging. I'm going to be writing a 25-page paper on American espionage in East Germany in the 1950s. Should be an interesting subject that I'll enjoy writing about, but this professor is VERY challenging and if I survive, I'll be one of the smartest students on campus and I'll have a great writing sample, should I need one in the future.

It was a turbulent beginning to the semester, but the dust is finally starting to settle, methinks.

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