10 September 2005

Breaking News: Toby's Enthusiasm Down by 1/4

That's right, I can only show 3/4ths of my normal optimism. I can only give you one and a half thumbs up. I sprained my wrist really badly at my referee seminar today (at least, I think/hope it's sprained and not broken)! Hurts like a mother...er...it hurts a lot! I s'pose I should go to the doctor, but he'll charge me a lot of money. I bought a brace instead and if it still hurts in a few days, I'll get it x-rayed to make sure it's not broken. Other than my inability to show full visible enthusiasm (weird word to type, by the way...especially for a wrist-gimp), things are going well. I might get my paper for history published and I've made a whole bunch of international (mainly German) friends already this semester. Also, Jared, Tanis, and I went to Texas Roadhouse tonight. Mmmmm, boy!

Woot wo.

PS: This was typed with one hand and took a long time, so I hope it was worth the effort!

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