25 April 2005

Temporary Moonshine of the Spotted Mind

Well, there's that nasty habit of putting things off until the last minute again... I was up until 3 this morning finishing my stupid paper for my stupid China class. So, after only about 3 hours of sleep, I am sitting in class desperately trying to look like I'm awake, listening to him talk about...um...I don't even know. I'll read the book and ace the final. Yay me.

Went to Fort Collins with Jared and Tanis. I just now realized that we didn't get anything done while we were up there. We had to go to the Chevy dealership (sadly, located nowhere near the VW dealership...) to get something fixed on Jared's car...the key or something. I know what the problem is, but the brain is only at about 25% right now, so all mental ability is going to making the letters on the keyboard into words. But, whatever the problem, they couldn't fix it at that time. We then went Hobby Lobby and played around. This included playing Commando in the fake plants, finding ribbons that said things like "Good Eater Award" and wearing them around, and making inappropriate comments at really inappropriate times. We then came back home and BBQed. Always a fun thing.

Also, I'm thinking about getting personalized plates for my new car (when I get her). I haven't looked at the prices yet, but I'm told they're something like $25 more a year. I can deal with that expense. So, I've had a bunch of ideas thrown at me and here are the two I'm considering: WUT WUT (naturally, a variation on my favorite phrase, "Woot Woot.") Or FOW VAY (the phonetic spelling of VW, as it's pronounced in German.) I'm split between the two, so any suggestions would be appreciated...perhaps in the "Comments" section. Heck, I'll even give you a TobyPoint for your suggestion!

...and in case I don't see ya, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night!

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