22 April 2005

...to mak mata wos...

...means "to make matters worse..." I think. That's right! I'm in Kazuo's class again! One week of class left...then finals. Then I never have to see this man again! Gonna make it! Gonna make it! Gonna make it! ...And I hate when Headphones speaks without raising his hand! Nobody cares if you "remember Watergate well." I promise. You're not that impressive. (those who know about Headphones will understand this. Everyone else can disregard the last few sentences.)

Ooh, sorry. This blog got off to a nasty start... Let's try again!

Hello, O loyal TobyFans! I'm tired! I have this nasty habit of letting my work build up to the last minute. Which means that the end of the semester, Toby is not a pleasant person to be around. But I'm almost done with my papers. I have one two-pager to breeze through and a 10-pager I'm going to do over the weekend. Then, I'm free from papers for a while. Woohoo! I'll still have finals, but the papers will be done! Woot woot.

In other news, Kelley and I are going to pick up our cost-sheet for the new apartment today! We're moving in on 01. May! Woohoo! Like I said before, I'm excited to move further away from campus. Now it's just a matter of getting my stuff moved. I hate moving, but it's very exciting too!

Also, I'm quickly becoming more and more of a free-loader. It's amazing all the stuff you can get for free if you know where to look! You all know about my iPod. That should be here in about 4-6 weeks (hopefully). Also, I'll be getting 33 free songs from iTunes for enduring the arduous task of -- get this: driving an Audi! Ow ow ow...OK! Stop twisting my arm! I'll do it! Just for test driving a new Audi, I get free music! Woohoo! I'm also looking into mystery shopping. I'll go to restaurants, get free food, then criticize the way the waiter's bowtie was slightly eschewed (I don't know if that's the proper use for that word, but it looks and sounds cool. I could just say it all day. Eschewed eschewed eschewed. Go ahead, say it out loud five times fast! Eschewed eschewed eschewed eschewed eschewed. It's fun! Now, lean over to your friend or coworker and explain to them why you're saying this word over and over again. They'll understand, I promise.) Geez, I'm tired. I need to get more sleep!

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