03 May 2005


...is about the status of my brain right now. So much has happened since I last posted that I'll probably forget about it by the end of this sentence. Yep...there it went. But I do remember a couple things....

Last Saturday, Kelley and I signed the new lease to our new apartment. It's really nice and I think we're going to have a lot of fun. I finally have a room big enough to fit my ... ego! Woot woot! I haven't moved my stuff in yet because I have finals this week -- not to mention the ever-so-important job of updating this blog. I have until the 15th to get out my old place, so I have all next week.

Then, onto Sunday... Jared, Tanis, Kelley and I went up to Fort Collins to grab some Woody's Pizza for dinner. I had about six different kinds of pizza from their pizza bar! Mmmmm, boy! Then, we went to Coldstone. Also, mmmm boy! Problem is, all that food put together is not so mmmm, boy... I was very sick all day yesterday. Normally, I would have loved the excuse to lay in bed all day, but I also had three finals today... So, yesterday was a miserable day of lying in bed, trying to get as much studying done before I fell asleep again. I finally gave up, went to bed at 9 and woke up at 4:30 this morning to finish studying. But, I'm feeling much better now, and I think I did pretty well on my finals today, so all's good. I have two more finals this week, then I'll have my much-needed vacation! Woohoo!

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