21 March 2005

Well, it's been since before Spring Break that I posted. Unfortunately, the reason is that my spring break was really dull and consisted mainly of the following: work. That's right. All of my friends skipped town, and I was left in Gree-ality all by lonesome. Now, before I get any sympathy emails, keep in mind that I am saving for a car, and any real vacation would have taken money from that, so it all balances out, I suppose.

So, as I was sitting at work this evening, I thought that there had to be some way to salvage this Spring Break. So, I took a mini vacation...at 10:00pm the night before school started again! I picked up my friend, Rachel, and we drove down to Loveland, turned around and came back. About halfway there, it started raining! RAIN! HAHA! It never rains in Colorado in March! The gods must have been smiling on me! On our way back, I decided that Starbucks sounded really good. I was turning on to the road Starbucks was on...and lo and behold: a VW dealership. I knew the new Jetta (which I really don't like, but that's for another post) was being released soon, but I didn't think it was out yet. But I was there, so why not check? I pulled in, and sure enough...there was the new Jetta. I was shocked...and to be honest, pleasantly surprised. She looks much better in person. Then, so as not to look suspicious at a car dealership at 12:00am, we headed to Starbucks.

So, all-in-all, my mini-vacation saved my Spring Break. Woot Woot!

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