09 March 2005

Pleasant Surprises...

I was two minutes late for my 8:00 today, which is more like five minutes late for Kazuo Yagami, as he always starts class early, then gives you a dirty look when you walk in on time. So, when he stopped the lecture and approached my desk as I sat down, I was expecting a lecture on the importance of coming to class on time. Then he started the conversation - in front of the class, mind you - by saying "When you look at the class schedule...", I braced myself for a confrontation. But, to my pleasant surprise, he continued: "...and it says we are studying China, you can skip, because it's the same lecture as the other class." (You may recall that I also have him for Modern China.) So, that's the good news. I have the day before and the day after Spring Break off for that class! Woot woot for sleeping an extra hour! The bad news: the day after Spring Break is the last time we're talking about China. But, hey, I'll take every little bit of sleep I can get.

Speaking of nothing related... I began my exercise regiment yesterday. I ran a mile and spent some time on the rowing machine. I hope to make this a daily thing, but today, I already have to break it. This is the last chance I'll have to breathe until 3:00 tomorrow morning, as I am covering two different people's shifts at work. Sucks on the sleep schedule, but is nice for the pocketbook. Who needs sleep?

I'm off to class now. If I'm still alive tomorrow, I'll try to post. Otherwise, send flowers.

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