13 February 2005


This weekend, I had someone laugh and ask me what the point of car-shopping was when I've already decided what kind of car I want. If only it were that simple... I did end up test-driving a Jetta with my dad on Saturday. They didn't have any 1.8Ts (unfortunately, a common problem I'm discovering...) so I test drove the TDI, a diesel engine. I was pleasantly surprised. It ran very smoothly and, according to the dealer and the window sticker, gets amazing gas mileage. Then, there's the 1.8T, my original choice. It has 180hp, while the TDI only has 100hp. So, much to my dismay...I have to go on another test drive to decide...darn. I am going to test drive both cars, back to back and compare them that way. Prices are about the same, so it's now just a matter of preference. Any suggestions?

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