27 February 2005

A good day...

Today, I made a very important decision. After test driving Jettas with both the TDI and the 1.8T, I have decided that the 1.8T is the engine for me. The fuel efficiency of the diesel would be nice, but the 1.8T has a lot more pick up and is a smoother ride. My obsession with VWs showed through on the test drive as it was clear that I knew more about the Jetta than the salesman. I think I also made the occupants of the car nervous as I drove up and down the winding roads around Horsetooth Reservoir. I got to go fast...and it was fun.

OK, now to the part you might actually care about: the rest of my day! After the test drive, Jared, Tanis and I went to Chipotle, which, as always, is good eatin'! Then back to Jared's, where Chelsea joined us. Then after hanging out for a while, we went to Red Robin, where Jared and I partook in the consumption of some spiritous beverages. (We drank some.) And we concluded the night by watching "Saw" -- a good movie, if a bit twisted...OK, very twisted.

So, tomorrow...er... later today, I have to get stuff done. My car needs cleaning, my clothes need washing, my books need reading and my room needs cleaning. Shouldn't be too bad.

Here's wishing you a great rest-of-the-weekend, O loyal TobyFans

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