26 January 2005


It's almost a sickening feeling when you wake up in the morning after a nice, restful sleep, only to realize that you have to go to a class in which you know you're not going to learn anything. I am now sitting in my Asian Civ class with a professor who is hardly speaking English. I've had this kind of professor before, but they usually have the redeeming quality of knowing what they are talking about. Half of this class is spent staring at his back while he reads through his notes trying find someone's name. The other half is spent trying to decipher what he saying and writing. Thank god he lectures out of the text. So, here I sit. I love wireless internet!

In other news...

You probably noticed the new picture album on the right-hand side. On Monday night, we got together at John's house and played a very exciting and entertaining game of Cranium. It's always nice to forget about things for a night, drink wine and play crazy party games! We also watched "Bridge On the River Kwai." Great movie, if a bit long.

How else to kill time...

Oh yeah, I got published today. Our campus newspaper (if you can call it that) is notoriously bad. Extremely biased and poorly written, it only has one redeeming quality. It has never not published me. I guess it's not surprising; my amateur writing is ten times better than anything they've ever been able to muster. I read this article on Monday, became angry, and replied with this letter. Hope you enjoy it!

Well I've managed to kill off a little time while writing this. But, don't fret, O loyal TobyFans: There's still a lot of internet out there and I only have to waste 11 more minutes!

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