21 January 2005

Money money money...

I have to keep reminding myself that more work means more money. Pulling a full-time schedule this week and that, combined with school, makes for some really long days. But I need the money, as I am finally going to be getting my new car! I was supposed to start shopping yesterday, then today, but I got called into work both days. Since I have resolved to not turn down any shifts, I didn't give myself a choice not to take them! Again, more work means more money.

Work has been very hectic the last couple days. Turns out, a hard drive turned up missing (how something turns up missing is beyond me). This wouldn't normally be a big deal, but this particular hard drive just happened to contain detailed records of almost 16 000 UNC employees since 1997. Your's truly included in that number... So, UNCPD has been hard at work cracking this case. Since no one had time for a break yesterday, our chief ordered pizza. What a great chief! Anyway, the University community has been in an uproar over this...understandably so. I'm waiting and hoping for some IT guy to come out and say, "Found it here behind this file cabinet!" That'd be really nice.

So other than that, just plugging along with the semester. Should be a good one, with the exception of a couple classes. Hope all is well with you, O loyal TobyFans!

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