11 December 2004

Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome

After a semester like that, it's a beautiful thing to kick back and relax. So that's what I did! I took last night off work and hung out with Jared and Tanis. Jared and I held an episode of our syndicated, off-air, unfilmed cooking show, "Cooking with Alcohol." As you probably guessed, the alcohol did not make it into the food. Jared and I polished off two bottles of wine and were quite relaxed. I had to swing by work to pick up the tree that one of my coworkers brought for me. (don't worry, Tanis drove!) When we got there, one of our officers confirmed that Jared and I were, in fact, unable to drive!

So, thus begins a month of recouping and putting off cleaning my room. It desperately needs it, but there are so many pressing issues to take care of first, such as not cleaning my room. I will take my leave of you now, O loyal TobyFans!

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