10 December 2004

Finally done!

Woohoo! Finally finished with school for the semester! I am so smart! S-M-R-T! I don't have any grades back yet, but I pulled an A on my biggest paper of the semester, if that's any indication.

Getting my Christmas tree today. Not a real one, unfortunately, but for college students who are never around, it'll work out nicely. Also, free tree.

Nothing else to report. Jared and I are going to hang out today and do stuff, so if anything exciting happens, I'll post again later. So, until next time, O loyal TobyFans, always remember: When you're harrassing elementary school kids, always wear a cup!*

Reporting live (at least at the time), I'm Tobias Maximus.

*in the words of Arnold: "I'm not a pervert!" This was a quote from work last night in the context that I could only beat up elementary school kids. But because they were at an inconvenient height for yours truly, it might be better to have some protection....

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