08 December 2004

Just another day in Greeley...

Well, as the title implies, nothing exciting happening, but because I have a blog now, I feel compelled to blog. Jared and I visited the local paintball field, Action Pursuit Paintball. Looks like an awesome field...has both indoor and outdoor fields. I was pleasently surprised, as normally I don't like indoor fields. It has an awesome urban combat section of the field. I can't wait to play! Too bad paintball is so expensive! I'm going to try to get some of the officers I work with to come out and play too. Just as long as they use paintball guns and not tasers or anything. That would hurt a lot more.

Sorry, I seem to be rambling...

Oh yeah, school sucks. I want lots of money so I never have to do anything again. Doesn't that sound like fun.

Wow...what a pointless blog that was. My most sincere apologies, O loyal TobyFans. I will try to have a more exciting one next time.

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