07 December 2004


Hello, O loyal TobyFans! I am back on the net! Kind of... I know this isn't some fancy webpage that I designed, but it's a heck of a lot easier and less time consuming! So, one day I may have TobyOnline back up and running, but for now, you get to live along with me through this fascinating "Space!"

So...it's been a long time since I last posted anything! A ton of changes in my life since last year, and since I've talked to most of you since then (and most of you were chiding me for not bringing back TobyOnline) and I'm gonna gloss over the changes. I am now single (still getting used to that one) and I have an awesome job with the police department. No, I'm not an officer; I'm a communications technician (dispatcher, if you don't want to sound as cool!)

OK, those are the major events... Now onto now...

This semester has been torture in terms of the stress levels. Thank God it's almost over. I need to revise a paper and write two take home finals, but other than that, I'm just about done! Woot woot!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Because MSN's website designers are ten times better than I am in terms of programming skills, there are some features here that I couldn't have with TobyOnline! You can now make comments on individual blog entries. Just click 'Comment' below. Also, it's really easy for me to upload photos, so that'll be easier to update too! Now if I just had a digital camera....

So, welcome back (kind of), O loyal TobyFans! Enjoy the new 'Space.'

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