12 February 2008

When interests collide

From Fake Steve:

Now look. I know that most of you are hardcore Apple believers who don't need to be told any of this. You know what Apple is all about. You know that when you carry iPhone it's not just because it's the best mobile device ever created but also because it defines you and tells the world what kind of person you are and what you stand for and what you believe in. You know this. You've been part of this movement for decades, some of you. But the new guys need to be instructed. And that's cool. We need to bring in the new blood. My feeling is this: Let's not harsh on the n00bs. Let's be gentle with them. But at the same time we must let them know how they're supposed to vote. Okay? We all straight? Namaste to everyone. Go Obama. Stop the war. Peace out.

Good times.

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