18 February 2008

Political Ride

I "appeared" on my friend's internet radio show, "The Political Ride" tonight. Had a good time. Check out the recording, then check us out live on Sunday at 8pm MST.


Crom said...

I'm going to go ahead and be a dick and just say whats on my mind: Your friend the host is nearly unlistenable with the high pitched voices and stumbling around and all. You, on the other hand, were pleasant and came off as roughly thirteen times smarter. I listened for about 10 minutes, and thats about all I could take...

Slightly less dickish Crom said...

I should hasten to add that I am a big supporter of independent talk radio, so even though I think he is sort of wack, I like the fact that the show exists. Hell, I love that it exists.

Anonymous said...

Well, you certainly earned your title! I'll admit to having the energy level of a coked up sleep deprived cat at times, but I bristle (seethe may be a better word perhaps) at the thought that because of my voice and tone, I'm somehow an idiot.

I appreciate your somewhat constructive criticism and will take what you said as something to work on. I presume if Toby felt there were areas of the show that needed improvement, he'd very well pass them on and let me know as well.

As for me being "wack", I'll hasten to add that you should come on my show and tell me what makes me "wack" and we can have a discussion about it. Seriously.

Thank you.

Aaron DeLay
The Ride

Tim "Asshole Crom" Marquart said...

First off, let me make clear that I am talking about your radio personality, not you personally. I don't know you, and if your a friend of Toby, it stands to reason that your probably a pretty good guy. I also have to say that I came across as much more of a dick than I intended to, as evidenced by my second remark two minutes later.

Now then, with that being said, the way you present your show is the only way I can judge it. Toby sounded prepared and ready to roll, whereas you sounded like you were trying to push out as much information as you could in as little time as possible. Frankly, it just came off as you being disorganized. More than anything, I was really put off by the sudden veers into the dissonant high-pitched voices and the fact that you sounded like you were on speed.

As far as coming on your show and explaining why you are wack, no. My reasons for this are pretty simple. First, I just said it, and there really isn't much more to say. Second, I don't think in the end you really care one way or the other what I think, and thats fine. All that would end up happening is two dudes arguing over a subjective opinion. If I had commented on the actual content of your show, sure. I would be happy to defend my opinions. I simply commented on the presentation, and that doesn't seem like a worthy discussion.

What I will say, both here and to your face if you so desire, is that I am sorry that my criticism wasn't more constructive. I stand by what I just said, but when I put myself in your shoes, I realize that I would be seething too. I honestly and sincerely apologize for questioning your intelligence. That was a low thing to do, was unfair, and more than anything was unjustified. Thats all I can say to that, dude.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough. You're living proof there are actually smart and intelligent people on the internet who actually comment in a thought out manner that both allows for both discussion and criticism. Color me impressed.

As for the show, she's a work in progress. I'll take your thoughts in consideration as the show goes on and hopefully we'll get you back as a listener as time goes on.

Thanks kindly.

Aaron DeLay
The Ride