19 February 2008

He's right on SO many levels.

Brian from Peeve Farm on the phrase, "That's just wrong on SO many levels.

I'm going to start charging a toll on people who deploy this meaningless, hackneyed phrase. It's as though people still think it conveys some kind of useful information or contributes to the group's discourse on some piece of observed oddness any more meaningfully than going, "That's... weird".

Better yet: if someone says this, I'm going to immediately turn to him and say, "Oh yeah? List some."

I will admit to having used this phrase before, even if sparingly. But I have noticed its growing popularity and he makes a good point.

1 comment:

Cromulent Crom said...

This post is interesting on many levels. Many of the levels are levels above the other levels. Some of the levels are below higher levels. In a level, clear tone, you have clearly proclaimed a desire to play on a level playing field, which is probably on the level. Philosophically, the "rightness" and "wrongness" of levels is muddled, because it indicates shades of grey, which is a pretty dull color level. Allright, I am going to go level up on CoD4 for awhile.


Also, your verification word today is "klahm" which for some reason strikes me as very funny.