02 November 2007


Well, I made the jump to Mac OSX (pronounced "Oh-Ess-TEN," Jared) Leopard. It was a nightmare to install. I first tried the standard install option, which initially worked, but it was very buggy. Then, when I went to restart, it wouldn't fire up again. So, I wiped the hard drive clean and did a clean install. Thankfully, I had backed up before the attempt, so I didn't lose anything important. It's running beautifully now, but the my vision of Apple as a simple, "It just works" company is damaged. It still works better than any Windows machine I've ever worked with. I'll just be more careful next time I brag about my Mac (though I fully intend to brag about my Mac, still).

As far as my initial impressions go, I really like Leopard. It's not a HUGE change from Tiger, but it does run more quickly on my Macbook (and will run faster once the RAM I ordered gets in). The two biggest gripes I've heard about Leopard are the new "glass" dock and the semi-transparent menu bar. I'm pretty apathetic about them, as most of the time, my dock is hidden (God bless Quicksilver!) and my background doesn't have the contrast to affect the looks of the menu bar. Other than that, I love the Stacks (shown below). I like to have an uncluttered desktop, so I did something similar in Tiger. Time Machine is supposed to be cool, but I haven't played with it yet. We'll see. Overall, Leopard is a thousand times better than Tiger, even with my initial frustrations.

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