17 July 2007

Interrogation Tactics

After spending a nearly-sleepless night stressing about my polygraph test today, and driving almost 45 minutes to the south side of Colorado Springs at 7:00am, they informed me that they would have to reschedule. Apparently, they are a "police department" and they had some kind of "emergency" last night, so everybody was "busy" or "something." Psh. I think they are just trying to psych me out, hoping that I might break and tell them about that one time... It's not going to work.

Update: Whew. That was a nerve-racking experience. But, I didn't lie and the examiner said I "did well." I think that means that I passed. Tomorrow, I get to go pee in a cup. That should be a lot easier.

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Rachel said...

I'm glad you were able to stay strong and not tell them about...that one time. That would have been bad news. I'm going to laugh if peeing in a cup proves to be more difficult than you anticipated lol.