13 July 2007

Bad News and Good News

Bad News: I didn't get the PSD (Public Safety Dispatcher) position I applied for at the Colorado Springs Police Department. Sad day.

Good News: I did get the ERT (Emergency Response Technician) position with CSPD. Pays slightly less, but it's a foot in the door. They offered me the position because they said they didn't want to lose me. When a new PSD position comes open (in a month or two), I'm first in line for it.

I'm employed! Wahoo!


..Ang.. said...

so proud of you Babe!

oh, and CSPD IS downtown...


paula :) said...

Yeah for Uncle T!!!

Rachel said...

Hooray Toby! I may have to have a celebratory glass of wine in your honor tonight, I have a lonely bottle of Trockenbeeren that I've managed to save for no special reason lol. This seems like a good chance to open it.