12 October 2006


So, I got home about a half hour ago after being gone since 8:00 this yesterday morning. And what to my wondering ears do I hear, but *drip drip drip!* Sure enough, I look up at the ceiling in my living room and there are two little bumps from which water is dripping! Great, I thought, not again. Yep, apparently the repairs they made to my roof last time weren't meant to last. So, I called the Sandalwood call service, and as expected, they told me they'd have someone out to look in the morning. Then, less than five minutes after I hung up, the dripping grew faster and right before my eyes, the two little bumps on the ceiling merged and became one huge bump. So, I called the call service again and told them I needed to get this fixed "NOW!" A couple minutes later, the maintenance guy told me that the only thing I could do tonight would be to poke a hole with a screwdriver in the center of the bump inverted hill. Then I got to thinking, why is it that the solution to every problem I have seems to be poking holes in what I want fixed? At the risk of sounding more nerdy than I actually am, this quotation from Dr. McCoy in Star Trek IV seems apt: "My God, man. Drilling holes in his head isn't the answer!"

Note: You can get an idea of how big the "bump" is by comparing it to the size of the light and the size of the shadow the "bump" casts.

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