28 October 2006

Chinese Water Torture

I'm pretty sure this is how the CWT worked:

The poor victim of the Chinese would be locked into a crappy apartment with a porous roof. The Chinese then made the dissident wait for it to rain. And wait. And wait. Then, once a rain came and passed, the roof would not leak What the hell is going on?! But nothing would happen. Then, two days later, the victim begins hearing that same, infamous *drip* *drip*, coming from his living room... Again. This is hell, he thinks, "I'll talk! I'll talk!"

Yes, that's right. My ceiling is leaking. Again. What's worse, the maintenance guy said they won't be able to come out until Monday to fix it, at which point they will FINALLY call a professional roofer to come out and take a look. I guess the previous two leaks weren't proof enough that one was needed. Jared and Tanis are lucky that they're moving today. And I am lucky that I am moving in two months. But Sandalwood doesn't know that I am not considering renewing my lease either. Methinks I'll milk this for all it's worth. That'll teach the damned Chinese apartment complex!

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