16 June 2006

Apple Store - Part Deux

We went down to Boulder again today and hung out at the Flatiron Crossings. At the Apple Store, once again, we had some fun with Photobooth.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Waterworld. Woot woot.

Update: Within seconds of me posting the new pictures, I got the following comment: "Viewing this set has been a disturbing experience. I found my way here from the Flickr home page, during the 1/1000th of a second one of your images was featured there. Long live the new flesh."

I was famous for 1/1000th of a second. Also, disturbing.

1 comment:

Jared said...

You are disturbing for more than 1/100th of a second, trust me. However, yes, the Apple store was once again fun - I mean, how could it not be!?!?!? It's the friggin' APPLE STORE! WOOOOO! (No really, it is fun. This is not sarcasm)