06 May 2006

Apple Store

Today, Jared, Tanis, Josh and I were bored and decided to check out the new Apple store at the Flatiron mall in Boulder. Naturally, they had all their computers set up with Photobooth, so we all had some fun. Check out the gallery (also, Jared's). Also, apparently, I'm not well-versed in Apple computers and when I thought I'd closed my Gmail account, I only minimized it. I got a friendly email from some customers who opened up my email account (yikes!):


You left your e-mail account open at the apple store. We have taken
all of your information and used it against you. Not really. Just
thought it would be fun to send you a message from someone else
through your OWN ACCOUNT!!!!

Love and Kisses,
Thankfully, it seems like they were just having a little fun and didn't have ill intentions. Didn't stop me from changing my password though.

Good times.


Jared said...

But I LIKED when your password was "ilovetoby" - it made getting to your stuff so easy!

Toby said...

No worries, Jared. It is now "1l0v3t0by".

Rachel said...

The four color picture is very rock star! It was nice of the guys that sent you the fabulous email to include a picture of themselves heehee.