11 April 2006


So, once again, I'm trying to get healthy. By my count, this is attempt #4,589. I have decided (once again) to stop drinking Mountain Dew. I've read a ton of sources that says the easiest way to lose weight is to cut soda out. So, I thought I'd try it. I'm staving off the caffeine withdrawal headaches with caffeine pills (not the ideal solution, I know, but eventually, I'll try to wean off those too). According to a National Geographic (Motto: "We know everything.") article last year, caffeine really isn't that bad for you. It's all the sugar in sodas that gets you.

So, as part of my concerted effort to get more healthy (including Lean Cuisine, rather than Marie Calendar's at work, and riding my bike as often as possible), I thought I would blog about my progress. If I make myself have an obligation to you, O loyal TobyFans, maybe I can guilt myself into keeping this up! I bought a bathroom scale today and already, was pleasantly surprised. I thought I weighed 200, but I actually weigh 188. It's a twelve-pound head-start. Woot woot.

So, O loyal TobyFans, keep on my case about this one! Wish me luck!


Jared said...

You know, if it's the caffeine you want, you could always try Diet Mt. Dew... you know, the one with zero calories? If you don't like the taste of that, you could always mix it half and half with regular Dew - that would still give you half the calories.

You know, I was reading my book Mean Genes, and they made an interesting point - when you try to lose weight, your metabolism actually slows way down, which is what can make it so hard. People who are slightly "overweight" have a higher metabolism. Your body will fight you every step of the way because it doesn't want to lose weight. Doesn't mean you can't be healthier, though :D

Toby said...

First, not only is soda (diet or not) bad for you, but it has absolutely NO health benefits. So why switch to diet when I can just quit all together?

And my goal isn't to lose weight. It's to get healthy. But, seeing as I am slightly overweight, the best indicator of me getting healthy will be my losing weight, hence the scale.

Also, a simple "Good job, Toby. Hope it works out for you," would have sufficed.

-C- said...

Toby, you kick ass big style! Keep it up for reals! I wish I was there to go running with you (like we used to...on occasion)... so when you're workin' out and gettin' fit, go the extra mile for me! Wahoo! I'm very proud of you and I encourage you to do whatever you need to to reach your goal! Well done! Oh, and also, I think you should include pics on your blog of bike riding, water bottles, and thumbs up all around. Good job on your 12 pound head start... don't give up.

Rachel said...

Good job Toby! Way to cut the dew out of you life! I quit drinking it too (probably the wrong month since April is crazy) but I'm goin on about a full week of no Mt. D. We'll see what happens, you're my inspiration..so you have to keep it up heehee.