13 October 2005

Big changes...

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you probably know about the drama in my life. I hate drama. My former (yes, that's right, former) roommate and I had "issues," or as Jared put it, "roommate conflicts." Email me if you want further details. I probably won't be as PC, though. So, today, Jared and I will be moving all of my shtuff (What kind of shtuff?) to my new apartment at Sandalwood (a huge step down from where I was living, but I'll only be one building down from Jared. And I'll have my own apartment. Woot woot!). If you want me new address to send me shtuff, shoot me an email! This all coming on the worst week (in terms of school work) of the year for me. Just makes me want to be all kumbaya with my former roommate!

Here's to making the best out of a crappy situation! Woot.

PS: Once I'm moved in, and I have a second to breathe, I'm going to have a bunch of friends over for to have wine and cheese (also, crackers) and we can bitch about all the "fun" times we've had!

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