11 October 2005

Back at it!

It's quarter 'til one and guess what I'm doing?! If you guessed sleep-blogging, you are incorrect. I am working on a paper due tomorrow! HAHA! Once again, I kept telling myself I'd do it ahead of time and once again, I am pulling an all-nighter trying to get this done! Oh well, I'm freshly showered, loaded with caffeine (Woot woot for No-Doz!) and ready to find ways to make this go quickly. Off to a good start, hm? And there's no rest for the weary...I'm busy all day tomorrow and might have time for a brief nap at some point. I'm scheduled to work until 3am tomorrow, but I don't know if I can make it, though I do need the money.

'nuff stalling...back to work!

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