01 August 2005

Insomnia... Part II

Not sure why, but I can't sleep again. Doubly bad this time, as I have to be to work in 6 hours... Blogging seemed to help last time, so why not try again, hm?

My rents and Benjy came up yesterday for a Volksmarch. We had a lot of fun, even if we all were a bit a sore today from the 10K walk in 100 degree weather. Afterwards, we went the arts picnic and relaxed in the beer garden while watching some really good bands. Then to cool off, we all went swimming in the pool at my apartment complex. Then out to dinner. All in all, a really fun day with the family.

So, back to bed to try to get some sleep. Hopefully not in vain...

PS: If you haven't said a word yet today (what are the chances of that...?), say "Rabbit Rabbit" quickly! If those words are the first thing out of your mouth each month, it's good luck...or so they* say.

*If you figure out who "They" are, let me know. I need to have a talk with "them."

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