15 August 2005

At least there's an end in sight...

Well, out of all the friends I invited to my birthday party at Dave and Buster's tonight, a grand total of three are going to be able to make it. And two of them are going to have to leave early. Guess that's what I get for trying to schedule a party on or around my birthday... Leads me to question a lot of things about where I am... in life and geographically. I should have graduated in May. Most of my friends did, and they've moved on. I only have a handful of friends left in Greeley and they're also at different places in their lives right now. And it IS Greeley... One of those towns that seems to suck the spirit out of people.

But on the positive side of all of this, I've been in touch with people close to the DoD school program (and will soon be talking to a couple who teaches in Austria and a middle school principal from northern Bavaria). Turns out they have a student teaching program. So, that means that as early as next August, I could be moving to Germany to student teach! I'll finally be able to move on; again, both in life and geographically. I'll be able to make friends there that share my passion for teaching and traveling and that are in about the same place in their lives that I am.

So, I guess things could be going much worse and there is an end in sight. Days like today really strengthen my resolve to go to Germany as soon as humanly possible.

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