23 August 2005

A bit of a scare

Whew, I had quite a fright today. I went into the History Department to start working out the details to get my teaching certification so I can go to Germany. The advisor straight-up told me that I had to have a 3.0 GPA to get accepted to the Graduate School (which runs the post-bac program with which I'll get my license). This posed a bit of a problem, as my current GPA is 2.69 (the result of a really bad freshman year, followed by a lot of catching up). So, I left the department feeling completely dejected. It looked like, at best, Germany would be delayed. So, I went to the graduate school to ask them directly what the deal was. When I asked them if I really needed a 3.0, I got a "Yes, but..." Thank God there's a but! First, it has to be a 3.0 within the last 60 credit hours. I'm 95% sure I make that requirement, so there should be no question about whether or not I can get in. Second, even if I don't make the mark, I still have a chance to get in if I get some letters of recommendation (a lot of people in higher-up positions have already offered if need be) and write some essays and somehow prove to the grad school that I'm not a slacker. But I probably won't even need to do that part, so it's all good. I'm back on track and Germany's looking more and more likely! Woot woot!

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