28 March 2005

Lazy Afternoon

Well, today was a great day to lay around and enjoy life. Unfortunately, classes kind of got in the way. No big deal... I'm sitting in my living room right now, with the windows open, listening to Jack Johnson - completely relaxed. I probably shouldn't be, but work can wait until tomorrow. I'm going to savor this for now.

My weekend was alright. I went home for Easter and hung out with the family. I helped Jake some with his executive council campaign. Vote Jake if you go to Pine Creek! Easter was fun. My dad made us a delicious pork dinner.

School sucks. I'm ready to be done, but who isn't? I hate having to go to classes which have no bearing on my degree. It seems pointless to get up early, learn nothing (despite actually trying), just so that you won't get points deducted for not being there. Seems like a waste of time if you ask me...

On Thursday, I'll learn if I get my Jetta before the end of April or if I'm stuck with my Ford until May. It all depends on how nice this paycheck is. Here's hoping!

For now... "Pretend like it’s the weekend now, and we could pretend it all the time."

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