05 February 2005

Lazy day...

Original plans called for car shopping today, but that fell through. I guess I could go, but it's a lot more fun when I have a friend to bring with me. Besides, if I start showing up to the dealership wanting to test-drive a car too much, they might start to suspect me of something, such as trafficing drugs along the I-25 corridor between Colorado Springs and Greeley. Um...I can't imagine why they would suspect me of that...

I helped Chelsea wash her car this morning. When the car you're washing is a Jetta, washing it is not so much a chore, as a pleasure - so I can't say that I minded. Unfortunately, that reminded me that I have to wash my POS. That's a chore. But I suppose that I should, seeing as it won't be my car for too much longer, and I can understand that the next unfortunate soul who drives my car will at least want a clean POS. So, here I sit in my living room, putting of cleaning my car.

Supposed to snow tomorrow and Monday. I was just getting used to this nice weather too. I can't wait until it gets warmer. Cold sucks. Come to think of it...maybe it's a bad idea to wash my car! Woohoo! But I should still clean out the interior. Yay.

That's all I have to say about that.

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