01 February 2005

First, a disclaimer:

Just a warning to potential readers of this blog: This is not a happy entry. If you do not want to read unhappy stuff, stop now...

Today was not a good day for Toby. No, nothing hugely catostrophic happened, just a bunch of little things that just plain wore me thin. As Chelsea put it, Toby was a human pin cushion today. In anthropology, what should have been a decent intellectual debate on whether or not animals had culture turned into story hour for the freshmen. Every one of them saw it necessary to tell about their own pets and how cute their pets' little quirks were. So apparently, because they're so cute, they must have culture! I don't mean to say that animals aren't cute, but please...can we PLEASE stick to the subject?!

Then, after that, I came home to make some lunch. My roommate started bitching at me about how the microwave was messy and needed to be cleaned. Fine...the whole damn house needs to be cleaned! And we're all bloody responsible for it. Don't start whining about the microwave when your greasy George Foreman grille is out and stinking up the house!

Then, onto work. All well and good, but there are some really really stupid people out there! I'm sorry, but if someone comes up to you in a old dark green van, wanting to sell you speakers for $300, you probably shouldn't buy them. Grrrrr. Then, Pizza Hut messed up our order and everybody at work insisted upon watching Sweet 16 and Nick and Jessica on MTV. Now, I realize that my nasty habit of watching Real World doesn't lend much credence to the fact that I hate MTV, but by this time of the night, I was really getting irked by everything. Listening to some rich 15-year-old whine and cry about how her dad cancelled her credit card after he just bought her a Land Rover and a trip to Paris to buy dresses really really pissed me off. But I didn't say anything because everybody else seemed to be enjoying it. I didn't want to be the mood killer, although I think I succeeded in doing that anyway. Add to that a pounding headache, and it was a bad night at work for me.

It has also been brought to my attention over the past week or so, that I might be a bit over-excited about my new car. I know this. And I know that I still have at least two months to go until I get it, so I probably should lay off. I realize that people are getting sick of me babbling on about it and I apologize. I'll try to lay off a bit.

Also, with graduation just under a year away, I'm a little concerned with what lies beyond. I've got a decent future laid out, but there's still a lot of uncertainty. Guess this is normal for everyone, but I'd like to be a little more sure of my future.

So, that's what's on my mind now. I know, just about everything I talked about is really insignificant and trivial, but things really got to me today and I ended the day just wanting to scream.

Sorry about the depressing blog, but I needed to get some stuff off my chest, and where better to do that than my blog.

Here's hoping for a better tomorrow...

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