08 July 2008

Getting Real

Things are really starting to move fast now. Yesterday, I picked up my keys to Pine Creek, got my textbooks (For to start writing lesson plans. Yay.), signed my contract, and put down a deposit on an apartment in the Springs.

I'll be living at Sagebrook, which conveniently, is also where my sister lives. It's a nice complex, very close to the school, but it's about $80 more than I'm paying now... Which could prove painful given the pay-cut I'm taking. Donation, please! But, it is a short bike ride to the school, so between the short commute and biking, I hope to make up the difference by not paying so much for gas. I'll be moving in the second weekend of August (So soon!) and I'll start teaching the next week. Going to be a busy few weeks!


Scott said...


My wife will also be teaching this year. It's pretty radically different from what you're doing since it's in a homeschool environment, but she's nervous. Not only will she be teaching our son, but once a week she'll be tutoring all the kids in the group. Given her three years experince teaching language arts at a Middle School I think she'll do fine. I also think you'll do fine. Our schools need more smart folk like you in the teacher's chair.

paula said...

End of the line.....getting nervous?? Looks like a nice complex. And J might have to come visit your new pool!!!!

Rachel said...

WOOHOO Toby!!! You will be in the springs which is much closer for me to come and visit! I totally want to come invade your classroom one day and watch you teach. Perhaps sit in the back and giggle quietly to myself. Yea I think that sounds like fun.