10 June 2008

Obama's and my Divine Connection

Many find it odd that I would be supporting Barack Obama. After all, until a few years ago, I thought I was a conservative. Come to think of it, I can trace my coming-to-the-light-side to a few years ago. I was never able to pinpoint the exact moment until now. As I was reading through my heathen blogs today, I came across this post about Obama's lucky charms ("Oh, leprechaun-man, leprechaun-man! Must to get the Lucky Charms!"). What I saw amazed me! Obama carries around a little figurine of Hanuman, the Monkey God for luck! Then it all came back to me. Just a few years ago, I had a vision of Hanuman in the Denver Art Museum (DAM)! It's as clear as day! It is by Hanuman's Divine Will that I support Obama!

Hanuman bless Barack Obama!

1 comment:

Crombo said...

I didn't know you years ago, so I don't find it odd at all. You may be less than shocked (or perhaps totally shocked, I don't know) to find that in my younger days I was about as hardline a conservative as it was possible to be. Now, I tend to embrace traditional Republican values, but like my favorite president Theodore Roosevelt, I am interested in reform (read as "moderate"). The only issue I remain steadfastly hardline on is, of course, the second amendment.