22 May 2008

I'm OK!

In case you hadn't heard yet, we had some scary weather in Weld County. I was on my way down to the Springs for my brother's graduation when it happened, so I missed all the excitement. Apparently, the 3/4-mile wide tornado passed within eight miles of the Greeley city-center and nailed Gilcrest and Windsor. Jared posted more information and made a Google map showing where we live. Scary stuff.

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Timbo said...

I drove over to Windsor as soon as the first news report came out to see if there was anything I could do to help out (Hell, I'm unemployed, what do I have to do?), and it was amazing. That town was tore up, man. Whats so crazy about tornadoes is how one house will get destroyed, but the house right next to it doesn't have as much as a broken window. Cars were flipped over, big trees were knocked over, buildings were flattened, I saw a farm that was probably a total loss, and I saw a pivot sprinkler that had probably 10 towers on the ground. Knowing how much pivot sprinklers cost, that poor farmer is probably screwed. Horrible.