06 March 2008

New Drink Idea: Black and Bräu

While completing the St. Patrick's Day Mini Tour at Old Chicago, I discovered the Shandy Gaff (Guinness Draught and Sprite) and a few variations on the Black and Tan. Inspired, I decided to try making one with Guinness and Löwenbräu. While I'm sure someone out there has made it before, I wasn't able to find anything online about it, so I am forced to conclude that I INVENTED IT! WOO! Jared recommended calling it the Black and Bräu, which was unintentionally punny, as "bräu" is not only the German word for "brew," but also the first part of "bräunen" which means "to tan." I will also call it the Schwarzenbräu, which means "black brew," or "black and (thefirstpartof)tan." And most importantly, it tastes really, really good!

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