30 January 2008

This is Jeopardy (Online Test)!

I'm registered to take the online Jeopardy test and will be taking it in about a half hour! Yes, it is to try to get on the show. Wish me luck!

Update: OMG! Alex is here!

Update: Whew. That was hard, but I think I did pretty well. Next step is a random selection process based on the scores, after which, if chosen, I will fly out to Minneapolis or Portland for an audition. And IF I do well there, I'll get on the show. Long shot, sure. But why not try? Oh, and I don't think that's really Alex. I think it's just a picture of him. Just saying.


Paula :) said...

Any news yet on how you did??? How cool would that be.

Toby said...

Not yet. They said it could be up to a year...