05 September 2007

I hope

you heeded my advice and did not buy a new iPod in the last week, because today, Apple completely revamped their iPod line up, including the Nano Fatty (not it's real name), the iPod Classic (not sure why they added the 'Classic,' but OK), and the iPod Touch (ridiculously dumb name), which is basically a phoneless iPhone. Also, they lowered the price on the 8gb iPhone by $200. It's still ridiculously expensive at $399, but that $200 can go to at least a couple months of service for it...

OK, now you can go buy an iPod. And while you're at the Apple Store, would you kindly pick up an iPhone for me? I'll pay you back. Promise.

1 comment:

..Ang.. said...

thanks for the rundown. i now feel fully informed... though i did tune in for the intro video.

you win.